‘Ipod, nuff said’

Over the last few weeks I have blogged about Apple’s key ingredients to success. I have talked about Apple’s brand imaging, Steve Jobs and last week I blogged about Apple’s stores. This week I will explore the mysterious wonder land that is Apple’s advertising campaigns, more specifically the Ipod campaign.

The first Apple advert was in the 1970s, since then Apple has been trying to lead the way in innovational advertising. This advertising theme has still not changed today.

For example, the memorable ipod adverts with bright coloured backgrounds and the silhouettes. These adverts were a highly successful campaign. Singh (2006) state that about 90-62% of an initial assessment of a product is made on colour alone. Sing, also found that colour can significantly impact the mood of customers. Furthermore, Gorn et al., (1997) discovered that brighter colours, such as the ones used in the Ipod ads, elicit a higher state of excitement in individuals.

All this research shows that the format of the Ipod ads were specifically created to excite customers. To develop an image for the Ipod, that it is an exciting product full of innovation. These adverts started the Ipod epidemic, the Ipodemic! Over a 100 million units sold over 6 years!

Another factor about the Ipod advertising campaign was the use of popular music. The music was the key to the campaign’s success.

Whan and Park (1986) found that the use of music develops consumer’s atitude towards the brand. Apple uses music that is new and popular at the time. The use of chart music presents the Ipod as a chart-topping music player, that is also new and popular. The use of music and simple messages creates the elementary message ‘Buy this’, or, alternatively, ‘Use this’. De Pedro Ricoy (1996).

 Apple’s Ipod advertising campaign was so effective because of the appliance of popular music and the contrast of bright colours and silhouettes. The Ipod was framed as an item of popular culture which attempts to change your thinking of a mp3 player. The clear, simple messages that appear in the adverts further this avant-garde music player. Below is a recent advert for the Ipod. As you can see Apple has evolved the campaign. It stil encompasses the use of popular music and contrasting colours. Moreover, the new style advert keeps the plain, crystal clear message ‘Ipod’.

What do you guys think of the Ipod campaign? Is there any other adverts that you like?


4 thoughts on “‘Ipod, nuff said’

  1. Hey, nice blog!
    And I’m a fan of the older campaigns, although I’ve never really placed my finger on what it is I like about them… The new one doesn’t really do it for me though, too much bouncing maybe.
    Another interesting aspect of the ‘silhouette’ campaign may be the ambiguity of it, as suggested by Cooper (2009); he notes that the advertisements present a powerful visual form that can be represented in a multitude of ways, whether it be a projection of ones self, ones goals, ones achievements or something completely different! This means we can place ourselves and our passions in the advert – something that we certainly can’t do with the newer ads!

  2. Really a good blog! Clear topic with explicit explanations! Why ipod ads are so successful? Two reasons: one is the bright color and the other is the pop music chosen. I do agree with your ideas. I want to add some stuff about the silhouette. I think in the ads the silhouette perfectly depicts ipod’s traits, like the white earphone and its cable and the simple but fashion sculpt, which directly arouse consumers’ interest and the ipod image in consumers’ mind. Paul Milgrom and John Robert (1986) considered that advertisements with proper brand or product characteristics will benefit the delivery of product’s information. I think Apple co. is good at using the simple but specific way to market its product and thus, win lots of consumers.

  3. Cool post! I really like the original iPod adverts, but then again, I love bright colours! I think it’s interesting to note the original ones don’t really show off the product itself; more of just the pure enjoyment having your music with you can bring. Most of Apple’s recent TV adverts prefer to show off what the product looks like in detail, and demonstrate features, although popular music remains a recurring element of the iPod ones.

  4. Nice post, and I have to say I am a big fan of the old iPod adverts. However I do think it is nice to see how Apple’s iPod ad’s have changed since there numerous adverts for the iPhone and iPad. I feel that the old school iPod adverts were aimed at a different segment of the market. As at the time Apple was forging it’s re-growth and still had a very clear segment of the market, that being the ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ segment. This is still an area of the market they aim at today, however the iPod is very much a mass market product now. This is something which is reflected in their advert through the removal of people, which allows for the viewer to make their own associations of who would have an iPod. Also the use of the album artwork in the advert to show a wide variety of music is interesting, as it shows the consumer that an iPod is for anyone, with any favoured genre of music. This push to everyone can also be seen in the use of multiple coloured iPods, showing people that if they don’t like white…Apple has still got them covered.

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